Event Confirmations

Do you have an upcoming event and want each of the people registered to confirm?  We can handle it all: Emails, Text Messages, Voice Mail Drop, and live representative calls.

Product Upsells

Do you have customers who saw a sales presentation and did not buy?  Our skilled representatives can call and offer alternate products or services.


Do you have live events you want to monitor or advertising you want reviewed for compliance?  We have highly trained staff who can take care of all of that.  No problem!

Hiring Alexian Services means more money in your bank

We work on a contract or performance basis.  We offer incentives to our representatives so they are eager to perform.  This turns into happier clients for you and more money put right to your bottom line.

We customize all of our delivery to meet YOUR NEEDS

Before we make a proposal your business model and needs will be analyzed in detail.  We will customize the solution to meet  your exact needs.  Whatever it is we will make sure you are happy and that your business sees an immediate positive result.

Next Steps...

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